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Realistic DX-394

Realistic DX-394

Anti-Chuffing Tuning Mod


This modification eliminates the muting you get on each tuning step. It keeps the audio on the entire time instead of blanking out with silence giving you that chuff-chuff sound. It gives the tuning controls more of an analogue feel and greatly enhances the enjoyment and usability of the DX-394.

Be advised that this mod allows all the PLL tuning noises to come through while using the radio. This is preferable to the chuff-chuff noises on each tuning step.


Look for the connector block of colour-coded wires containing the violet wire that's plugged into the main board at CN1, see wiring diagram. Unplug this block and using a small screwdriver release the connector on the violet wire, see photo. Remove it from the block and using a short piece of heat shrink tube to cover the connector and violet wire. Plug the connector block back into the main board at CN1.

Wiring Diagram

DX-394 Anti-Chuffing Tuning Modification

Removing the violet wire

DX-394 Anti-Chuffing Tuning Modification