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Radio Modifications

Realistic DX-394

Realistic DX-394

Control Knob Pointers Mod

Fill the indent on the top of the mode, volume and RF gain knobs with white gloss enamel model paint.

Humbrol Ref. No. 22
Revell Ref. No. 4
Tamiya Ref. No. X2
Federal Standard Ref. No. 17875
R.A.L Ref. No. 9010
Control Knob Pointers Modification
Ensure that the control knobs are clean and free of finger grease. Before you start painting stir the paint carefully. Shaking the entire can isn’t that good for the paint since air bubbles will enter the paint and it will become thick and less manageable. Try to paint in a dust free area by picking a room that does not have a lot of movement through it. Use a small high quality brush that is made from either camel or horse hair. When painting do not brush over an area you have just painted, you will find that the brush will drag and pull the paint surface. Wait for it to dry completely before using the controls.