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The FRG-7 is a solid state analogue synthesized communications receiver covering 500 Khz to 29.9 Mhz. It uses a triple conversion super heterodyne design utilising the Wadley Loop System. From 1976 to 1980 it was considered to be good value for the money and made a nice desk top general coverage communications receiver. The FRG-7 was reasonably priced and sold in the £200 range in the UK. Even to this day it is still considered to be a fine communications receiver and is much sought after.
The modifications presented here are a mix of ideas with some new ones from Chris Barlow ( G8LVK ) Senior Technician at Monitor Internet. You should not attempt any of the mods unless you feel confident in your soldering and construction skills. Also you must have all the tools and facilities to perform each modification. The information, circuit diagrams and photos should help you easily and successfully improve the performance of your FRG-7. New modifications and ideas are continually under development so keep visiting this page.

Always disconnect the FRG-7 from the mains power supply before opening it. To remove the cover you simply unscrew the small cross point screws located on the receiver.
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Power Supply Mod Coming Soon
Dial Light Mod Coming Soon
MHz Lock Red/Green LED Mod Now Available
Digital Frequency Display Mods Coming Soon
AGC and S Meter Mods Coming Soon
AM Detector Mod Coming Soon
SSB Audio Filter Mod Coming Soon
DSP Module Installation Coming Soon
Audio Low Pass Filter Mod Coming Soon
Audio Power Amplifier Mods Coming Soon
455kHz IF Filter Selector Mod Coming Soon
FM IF System Mod Coming Soon
BFO Mod Coming Soon
Fine Tuning Control mod Now Available
Front End Mods Coming Soon
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